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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Vacation!

Wow! I am a few days behind!!! I should tell you that the doctor's appointment went as I thought it would. I was told there wasn't anything she could do for me and that I needed to see a dermatologist. Really? Isn't that what I said in the first place? Seriously!

So anyway, I have my appointment with the dermatologist on June 29th, and until then I am going to just remain as calm as possible! Nothing I can do about it right now, and even if there is something wrong, it's out of my hands for now.

It's day #4 of our family vacation here in Wisconsin Dells. We're staying at a nice resort and keeping the kids busy while having some down time in the evening for myself and my husband. The weather today, however, is lousy and we're sitting in a McDonald's utilizing their free Wifi trying to answer emails from the office, from home and , of course, checking Face Book!! Too damn cheap to pay $7 a day to be in my computer!! Crazy!!!!

My training has continued even though I am on vacation! I ran 5 miles before leaving town on Saturday, 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday and plan to do 3.5 tomorrow. I was so proud of my run on Saturday. I whittled a little time off of last week's long run and never had to walk! I felt pretty strong throughout the entire thing and was relieved! Of course, yesterday was different. My 3 miles on the dreadmill were killer and I couldn't wait for it to be over! I thought for sure it would be so much easier, but I missed the changing scenery and the feel of the breeze. The only changing scenery in the fitness room was people coming in and out to check out the facility, knowing full well they would never step in that room again during their one week vacation, and the only breeze came from a box fan carefully positioned on top of the elyptical machine that looked as though it hadn't been used...ever! Why are hotel/resort fitness centers so unwelcoming? Like the silver and grey machines are there laughing at you! Like you're not a real athlete if you are using them on vacation! What? Don't real athletes ever take a break from the realities of the world?

So, here's some cool news for you!! Before we left town, I was asked by the Fox Cities Marathon to sing the National Anthem before the Kids Fun Run at the Fox Cities Stadium on Friday, September 17th! I was honored to sing our Nation's Anthem last year before the full marathon, so getting to do it again will be great! I'm looking forward to being a part of this awesome event!!

I am hoping everyone is enjoying the first week of the kids being on summer vacation! I, for one, am about ready to send them back! Don't get me wrong, we have had some great moments on our vacation, but my moody 5 year old is driving me crazy! One minute he is fine, the next he is crabby as all get out!! As he is right about now! Maybe a run in the rain tonight will do me some good!!!! Or maybe a short stint in the outdoor hot tub where no children under the age of 16 are allowed! Yeah, that sounds good!!!

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