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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The scare?

I called and set up an appointment with my doctor today. Not really a big deal, usually. But I think I might have something to be worried about. Ok, not really worried about it yet other than worried that I might have to worry about it... eventually.

I've read on several websites that SJS survivors need to be monitored for skin disorders or cancer. I've never thought much about the few little spots I have that are a now, to me, a little questionable. I just chalked it up to the fact that I lost my skin and now it's back. Although it's scarred, bumpy and discolored. However, I have about 3 areas that are kinda weird looking. Not like a weird shaped mole or something like that, just areas that haven't healed or were healing at one time, stopped and are now getting bigger. What the hell?

Seriously? I nearly die from losing my skin and now it grows back only to scare the shit out of me that I may die again! What am I? A cat? Ah!!!!

I know, it's probably nothing and it's good that I'm getting it all checked out today. The doctor may biopsy it and have me wait for the results to come back. During which time my mind will race, jump to conclusions, and basically freak me out! Great! Can't wait for that!

So what the heck is a girl supposed to do in this situation? Be strong, don't freak out, just wait and see, blah, blah, blah! Ok, no problem. Will do! And tomorrow, after this appointment is over and I'm waiting to hear something from the doctor... I'm going to run. Run 3 1/2 miles like I'm scheduled to do. With my awesome New Balance running shoes, my wrap around shades, my ipod and my artificial tears in hand. I'm gonna run. And the next day, I'm going to run again. I'm going to run until I can't anymore and I'm going to love every minute of it, because I can. I'm going to enjoy it because I can.

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