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Monday, May 31, 2010

Got 'er done!!

So I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!! For the first time in a long time, the weather was great!! We visited some friends yesterday and planted a garden with them at their house. The kids were in the pool from about noon until 8:00 and got out only to eat in between! Brings back lots of memories of doing the same thing as a kid. And us parents even got in on the swimming for awhile. It really was a fantastic day.

Earlier Sunday morning, I rolled out of bed and started getting ready for my run. Luckily, my husband said he would do this one with me so I didn't have to do it alone! I pretty much woke him up and told him to get a move on! I wanted to get this run over with and especially before the heat got bad. So off we went!! I always wear my headphones, just in case I need a little musical motivation! Usually Paramore, Nickelback or Miranda Lambert - all depending on distance and pace! If I want to start out and keep the same solid pace for a shorter run, I listen to Paramore. If I'm struggling with energy or just plain tired, I crank up the Nickelback to rock out the rest of it. And, if I'm looking for a nice and easy pace, Miranda always makes the time fly!

But on this run, I figured I would only use it if I needed it. My husband kept me thinking about things other than the pain I was having in my right knee and my left hip. I can say that my lungs never felt like they were going to explode, and that's a good thing! Although my legs were pretty tired. The route we ran was nice and flat with enough shade to cool us off when we needed it. And once, right when I asked for a little breeze and shade, I got exactly that! The wind picked up at just the right moment and when we turned the corner, there was a beautiful shade tree just ahead. We laughed and chalked it up to God being with me the entire time. As He always seems to be.

Well, I did it!!! I slowed to walk about three times, but for no more than a couple of yards each time. And not once did I have to use my music! I was so proud of myself!!! I couldn't believe I had done it! Couldn't believe my legs pushed on and never failed me! Couldn't believe that I had done it in 1:04:36 which was only 4 1/2 minutes longer than I had hoped for - but my husband could! What was amazing to me, was just another everyday accomplishment to him. Not because he doesn't think it's a big deal or that it's something just everyone can do. And not because he takes it for granted that I'll just do it - but because he has seen all that I have overcome and worked so hard to regain! He knows the pain I've suffered better than anyone because he was there to witness it. And he was there for all 5 miles to see each and every step and to give me the gentle encouragement I needed, but only a few times!

He was there - like every time I've ever needed him and will be whenever I need him again! He is my strongest cheerleader and bigggest fan! He is my strength and my courage, each and every day. He is my husband, he is the father of my two beautiful boys and he is my best friend! He is my champion!! He believes in me when I can't seem to do it for myself and I love him for that. I am so grateful! Grateful for him, for our sons and for the first 5 mile hurdle to be over!! I have two more 5 mile long runs scheduled before the next big hurdle of 6 miles. So I think I can relax a little bit over the next two weeks. Just keep plugging away. One foot in front of the other!

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