Members of Team SJS just minutes before the start of the 2010 Fox Cities Half Marathon!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No "I" in TEAM!!

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to lift up another incredible woman who is running for the cause. Her name is Patti and her son, Danny, was stricken with SJS the same year I was. I am happy to report that Danny is doing very well and had very few side effects from his illness. Danny received amniotic skin grafts on his eyes to save his vision, and it worked!! So happy for him!

Patti and her family live in Colorado and she is now training for the Denver Half Marathon. She is on a serious mission to raise money for the SJS Foundation in Westminster, Colorado. Please consider making a donation to help us keep this Foundation up and running!! Without it, there are many of us survivors who may not be here or may be worse off than we are. It gives me such a sense of comfort knowing that there are others out there who have suffered what I have and completely understand what I am feeling. Through the Foundation, many of us keep in contact with each other and support each other in our every day lives as well surgeries, procedures, fears and anxieties. I would be lost without my SJS family!!

Patti keeps me updated regularly on her progress and has her own blog of her fight to get the word out about SJS. You can check it out at Please extend to her the same love and support that you have shown me through these past two years! Together, Patti, myself and the SJS community are working hard to keep you from learning about SJS the hard way!

Love and Peace!

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